One year later

Dear Pipe-friends,

sadly, even our last bit of hope is now gone. Due to the present situation, we are forced, heavy hearted, to delay our pipe-show until the following year. A new date will be set soon. For simplicity’s sake and because we think that you you might like to be there next year, we will move your registration to the new date. In case you would like a refund: No problem! Just send an email containing “Money back“ with your bank account information and we’ll sort that out for you in no time! Also very important: A big thanks to the owner of hotel “Gut Kump“. Every room booking has been cancelled free of charge. He is, like us, of course looking forward to 2021!

Until then, stay healthy! Toto and Kelvin 

Once upon there was … and still is!Just somewhere else:


Almost since the beginnings of the Lohmar Pipeshow we can count ourselves lucky to call Volker Bier - the host and organiser of this event - a close friend of ours. Although this friendship found its origin in Lohmar, it goes beyond the connection made through making pipes. It is a well matured friendship. A friendship with history. And with this friendship, bringing mutual trust through growth, comes a certain sense of what changes can be expected in the future. That is why we were not surprised when Volker told us in private that, after 14 years, he will be passing the torch and thereby discontinuing the Lohmar Pipe-show. As one says: “One should leave off with an appetite“, said Volker Bier as well; with a mixture of happiness and sadness in his eyes. However, the thing that blew our, Kelvin and Toto’s, socks off was the following announcement of Volker’s plans: “The Lohmar Pipe-show ought to be continued at your place in Hamm!“ What followed should be obvious: sleepless nights littered with thoughts like: How can we live up to what Volker brought to life in Lohmar? Can we provide the fitting location? Does the pipe community support this endeavour? Lots and lots of questions, which, in the end, could all be answered with the same single word: “Yes!“ After all, every one of our recent gatherings in Hamm did lead to a nice get together and even our location - an idyllic country estate in Hamm-Kump - could be named “a delight, living up everyones needs and expectations“ with a clean conscience. So what’s next? We can’t wait and are looking forward to every hobby- and pro-pipemaker and collector, to every old dog and every newcomer, to new pipes, estate-pipes, accessories and pure enjoyment… We want to continue the upcoming Pipe-shows in pure Lohmar tradition, making our large community as easy to experience as possible, connecting people, spreading joy; In short: (Pipe-)Life will stay exciting! With this in mind: We are thrilled to celebrate the first “Hammer Pipes and friends Pipe-show“ (with 1 year delay) with our community on

??. ?? 2021,10-17h 

Like in Lohmar, everyone is invited and welcome to attend of course!