TO BECOME EXHIBITOR please Mail to ...

The first “Pipes and Friends“ Pipe-Show in Hamm will take place on Saturday xx. xx 2021. Here are a few facts and rules concerning the upcoming event. Everyone who accepts these rules is more than welcome as exhibitor!:-)


  • Every Exhibitor is responsible for his/her own products and transactions. “Pipes and Friends“ Only serves as a platform.


  • One exhibitor space = one table (ca. 80cm x 60cm): 80€. Subleasing these tables is prohibited.


  • The assignment of the exhibitor’s spaces will be carried out by “Pipes and Friends“ in tents with solid flooring.


  • Signing up as Exhibitor only works via email to (you will receive a confirmation as well as the bill)


  • The exhibitor’s fees have to be transferred within 14 days of having received the bill. Otherwise the claim to an exhibitor’s space will expire. Closing date for signups on xx.xx.2021.


  • A refund is possible with a written cancellation to 100% until xx xx 2021, to 50% until xx xx 2021. After this time there will be no refunds.


  • Exhibitors can start setting up their spaces from 6pm on Friday, xx xx 2021. Setting up ends at 9pm after which there will be a nice get together in the party-tent.


  • On Saturday setting up starts at 8am.


  • Friday evening and Saturday evening after the Pipe-Show, there will be a meeting of the exhibitors and visitors in the party-tent.


  • Food and drink will be sold for small prices. The Pipe-Show will be opened for visitors from 10am until 5pm. 




Dear friends! Many of you have already signed up. We still need a bit of time to organise and bring structure into everything. However, we are confident to provide a big Pipe-spectacle with a lot of enjoyment. In order to make this website grow, we ask every exhibitor to send us a photo, and if possible your logo and desired link via mail.